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I've lived in my house for almost four years. And today I *finally* got rid of the crappy carpet in my bedroom! Tom is on vacation and it's my day off, so we decided to yank up the carpet at long last. The floor looks great. Not perfect, but much better than a floor its age ought to. And so the last of the stupid carpet is out of my house. Now the only carpeted place is the finished basement, and as I'm fairly certain that there's no pretty hardwood beneath that, it's staying. At least until we can afford a new floor. :)

It feels nice to accomplish something. I wish my garden was more like my house this year. It got hot here so early that I basically lost my first spinach crop and half of my broccoli from early flowering. (Who knew broccoli flowers were so pretty? I have some in a vase on my table right now.) My herbs went all crazy, too. I have a banana pepper growing, though. And my carrots look healthy. But I still think the tomato plants might not give us anything at all, and only one of the ten or so cloves of garlic even sprouted. Still, we have a lot of shallots and the sugar snap peas are happy with their trellises. The best might be my cabbage and brussels sprouts. They look really happy to be alive. Maybe I have a cabbage-y touch.

Gods, my lj entries have gotten dull. Sorry.
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