hakuna matata

My brain on LOTR

So I have errandofmercy's "To the Sea" stuck in my head. It's been there a lot lately - I think it might be planning to move it. Luckily, I'm a step ahead - I already bought it a toothbrush. <3

q_sama and I are very close to finishing The Fic that Ate Our Lives. It's a very exciting time to be Angela. An exciting time to be Lisa, too, I imagine. Right now, I need to take Aragorn from "vaguely pissed" to "Arwen Bliss" and then we'll be basically done. Sure, a few things have to happen to ensure that transition, but it's all mapped out, and I'm shooting for it to happen in less than 1500 words. There's seriously no reason why I can't get it done tonight or tomorrow.

And then! And then! Then we'll edit the hell out of it, come up with more inside jokes that make us spit various drinks through our noses (but might get only a polite chuckle from readers), and post it over six weeks or so. It's the biggest fic either of us have ever written, I think. So. Damn. Excited.

Part of the reason tonight's so good for writing: Moira is having her first-ever sleepover! She's at my parents' house. It's a trial run for when I go to Virginia in a couple of weeks. She won't be staying with them the whole time, but Tom wants to host a game night while I'm gone, and we only barely manage those with both of us when the Mouse is home. (She's a handful.)

On the one hand, I'm tickled pink that my little girl is taking such a huge step. On the other, I'm afraid I won't sleep a wink. >_< I hate to admit it, but this "trial run" might be as much for me as for her. Still, I hope she has an awesome time. Mom and Dad are certainly excited. :)
Ummm, it can't live in your headspace because its permanent address is in MY head. :P

I'm so excited that the fic may be done by this weekend. I mean, not done-done, but done. :D eeeee!
oh my gosh, you two are too nice *blushes* I cannot wait to read your story!!! I would stand outside all day in the rain at the fanfic bookstore just to get my grubby paws on it XD
Lucky for you, the internets are indoors! :) I hope you enjoy it. Sometimes I think that only Lisa and I will think it's funny. Okay, I often think that. But it's nice to know someone's looking forward to it. ^_____^