On Fanfiction

This story I'm writing with q_sama is definitely the most fun writing I've ever done. Even when it's work (Boromir!), it's fun. Nothing keeps you on task and motivated like daily discussions about character backstory, future plot-development, and the instant-feedback that comes from collaboration. And we really need to stay on task with this one! We just (very roughly) finished chapter two, and this beast is already over 20K words long. We're not posting anything until we finish, due to the "OMG! If we put in a line the first time Frodo narrates, it could set up for this perfectly" kind of stuff that keeps happening.

In related news, I feel bad about abandoning my Eowyn story. >_> I fully expect I'll get back to it, but at this point, my mood is so far away from it that I'm pretty sure it's not still simmering on the back burner. It's still back there, but the flame is off. Hopefully, it's the sort of story that reheats well.

Well - I have this awful thing called a job to get to, so I should flee. Also, I have to call Li so she can help me drag Sam out of his melancholy.
OMG, we've hit 20k? We're only 1/3 done with this thing, and have accomplished ONE planned mini-adventure. T_T

On the bright side, I'm having a blast and I love you to bits. I'm sorry I keep coming up with sub-plotty ideas that keep extending the length/volume of the fic. (Remember when it was a one-shot? Hahaha.)
Your sub-plotty ideas are what are the only things keeping this story from being really idiotic. You take my idiocy and turn it into genius, my dear. I actually like that it's embarrassingly long-winded and plotty. Left to my own devices, I would have had L&G having sex in a reading room by now!
I'm drooling with anticipation! And more than a little jelly :p so glad you guys are productive and having so much fun <3
We are having a lot of fun. In fact, I'm a bit nervous that no one will like this nearly as much as we do! My fear is that we'll get a "meh" reaction.