I'm getting sick. My tonsils feel like they've been sanded. >_<

On the other hand, I've just finished the first chapter of a new multi-part (read: epic) Lord of the Rings fic. This one is about Eowyn. I had no idea how much I had to say about her, but it looks like it's quite a lot. Also, by the time I'm done, I may just be an expert in the House of Eorl. Seriously, I have to research just about every line Eomer utters. And I've pretty much memorized the timeline of all things Rohan. Next thing you know, I'll be wanting to raise horses....

It feels pretty amazing to be writing again after so long. I thought I didn't have time with Moira, but it turns out that I lacked inspiration. Now I have it. :)
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You know what it's high time you did?


*stern glare*

I'm glad you're learning the joys of obsessing over a timeline. Believe me, this could get you places in the world. :P (That said, the one problem with you writing LOTR and me being slightly dyslexic is that I get Moira and Moria confused.)